Our Mission

To be with you and for you.

Our Vision

To meet, actually exceed your expectations for someone to come alongside you to help you through the various responsibilities thrown on your shoulder. We want to lighten the burden for you, but also look to you for the direction in which you want things to go.

Our Story

We started serving in 2004 as Supreme Home Care, specializing in wound care and other in-home services that require skilled nursing. We were asked to provide hospice care as well and have finally begun doing so. We have always focused on excellent in-home care, so this was a natural step.

After going through the experience of needing hospice care for both my mother and mother-in-law two years ago, I know what the most important things are for hospice care.

  • First, both moms wanted their care to be in their homes as long as possible. That meant a lot of supports were needed to be put in place.
  • Second, they wanted to be treated with love and dignity by those supports.
  • Third, they wanted as little pain and suffering as possible.

We have now included doing business as “In My Home Hospice Care” because that has always been our number one focus, providing “in-home” care. We want you to feel comfortable while receiving the best care in town, and in this regard, we spare no expense.

We have the best doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, and volunteers available to help you. Everything is paid for through medical insurance or Medicare benefits, and we also do the necessary paperwork on your behalf, providing you ease in every way possible.

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What Defines Us?

We believe that 3 things define us, which include understanding the needs of our clients. These include:

  • Their spiritual needs,
  • emotional needs,
  • and physical needs.

Our team realizes the importance of all these three coming together in delivering in-home hospice and other forms of specialized care services. Therefore, each member of our team — from the office staff to the direct care staff — is critical in delivering exceptional patient care.

We are committed to providing patient and family-centered services that are responsive to the needs of the individuals we care for. Our mission is to provide care and services that exceed your expectations.

Our Values

Provide the highest quality of care.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Provide highest quality of service and continuity of care.

Acknowledge and embrace religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity.

Encourage patient and family empowerment through education and choice.

Maintain confidentiality and personal privacy.

 Enable staff’s personal and professional development.

Our Team

Rick Wesley MSW – Administrator/Director of social services

Background in social work and has worked in Hospice for 13 yrs

Viviana Barba – Assistant administrator/Patient intake Coordinator

She has risen through the ranks to become the assistant admin. and worked in hospice for 10 years

Dawn Stoddard RN – Director of Nurse’s (DON)

Dawn has been a nurse for 35+ years and has worked in hospice for the last 2yrs

Jane Silcott – Lead CNA/Spiritual Counselor

Jane has worked for In My Home Hospice since its inception and has been in Ministry for 30+ years.

Samantha Nisson – HR Manager 

Samantha has been in HR for several years

Sarah Cheesman – Director of Quality

Sarah has been a nurse for 30+ years and in that time she was the director of quality for hospitals and hospices.

Danielle Tefft – Volunteer Coordinator

Danielle has been a volunteer coordinator for 25+ years working with many different organizations to recruit, train and retain.